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Child Law

Child Law

Divorce can be traumatic on family, and children often bear the brunt of the stress. Subsequent child custody battles between you and your ex can prolong the discomfort and be devastating for a child.

At The Fesler Law Firm, we understand that you want to see your children settled and receiving the best possible care. ThereĀ’' no place better for this than at home with you, and we will help you prove it. We specialize in child custody disputes and are eager to help you to be with your children.

If you are seeking to obtain custody of your children, The Fesler Law Firm will help you to prove before a judge that you are the right parent to be the primary custodian. The law grants custody in the best interests of the child, and we will help prove to a judge that your home is the best environment for your children to lead normal, healthy lives.

In addition to custody battles, The Fesler Law Firm's legal expertise is often called upon to settle other child law related cases.

  • Child Support- When you need to establish the appropriate dollar amount your ex should be paying, The Fesler Law Firm is ready to help you prove that your children deserve the maximum amount of financial support. We will prove that your ex-spouse has the resources to pay more, and assure your children's stability by obtaining it.
  • Visitation Rights- No one has the right to keep you from your child, including their other parent. If you are a non-custodial parent being denied your visitation rights, The Fesler Law Firm will ensure that your right to be with your children is upheld.

Don't let the system deprive your child of the parent they deserve. Call the law offices of The Fesler Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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